Complete Wi-Fi Solution - Wi-Fi as a Service

Itelya Communications

Is technology changing too fast for you to keep up? 

Let us manage your Wi-Fi and give you a wholehome wi-fi solution 


powerful wi-fi router


whole home wifi issues

detailed analysis and comprehensive report specific to your home and your usage. How to resolve weak wi-fi areas. hardware suggestion. tips and tricks to optimize your home wi-fi solution. diagnose, monitor, manage, troubleshoot, optimize, secure, evergreen firmware, updates, 


why a 2 peices of hardware. It's a known fact that a modem and router as 2 seprate devices as a combo is superior to the a modem & router combo. 


today's home is changing. We're adding new devices to our wi-fi daily, congestion, hardware upgrades, all demanding more internet and for you to become more technical. Don't worry, let us do it for you. 

For $249.95 1 time fee and $14.95 per month you will receive:

powerful wi-fi router