Wi-Fi Tips 'n' Tricks


1. Place your router in the open

You will want to place your router in the center of your home for equal strength in all directions. Tip! Use line of sight - from where you can see the furthest and the most number of rooms is a good place for a router!

2. Lift your router off the ground

Signals can't penetrate floor materials (metals, concrete, etc.) and routers broadcast wi-fi waves down.

3. Keep it away from other electronics

Rule of thumb, if it has a motor in it - try to keep the router away from it for optimum range. 

4. Point the antennas in different directions

Ideally position one antenna horizontal and one antenna vertical for the highest chance to have a parallel match. Devices like to receive waves in the same direction.

5. Measure your signal strength 

There are many apps you can download to test the Wi-Fi signal throughout your home and adjust your router accordingly. 


Check out this great video from Vox for more information!