Netflix, and more

Local TV channels and everything else

Want access to everything online as well as your local TV stations? This powerful Google Android device has over a million apps that you can choose from as well as live TV streaming of your favourite channels. The CipherTV bar uses your internet connection and streams what you want to watch onto your TV. It comes pre-loaded with many favourite apps already:

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This Multifunctional Hardware is Wi-Fi hotspot enabled and perfect for all your favourite apps and plugin components. Karaoke, Home Security, Bluetooth, Media Player, Home Speakers, the options are endless!

Take your CipherTV Bar on the go! Install the CipherTV app to your phone and stream all your subscribed TV channels on your mobile or tablet.

It’s simple. Order your bar and choose which channel package you would like. We’ll send you the hardware. Plug it in and you’re ready to go.

We also offer an extended warranty. Warranty includes:

• Full coverage on parts and labour
• Supports on firmware and OS updates
• Telephone, live chat and email support
• Fixing and replacing bars hassle free