Toll Free Service

Just got easier

Yes, we have toll free numbers! We’re also able to service your existing toll free number. No need to worry about changing your number. We understand that you have created a following for your existing number, and we like that!

Reasons to have a Toll Free Number:

Branding & Marketing - A vanity number is a great way to give a great impression of your company. It also adds credibility.

Customer Service - a memorable number customers can call without having to look it up every time

Flexibility - You can have your number ring to any phone you wish, office phone, cell phone, anywhere!

National Presence - 1 number right across the country

Affordability - as low as $0.03/minute!

Are you looking for a vanity number? A vanity number is just like our 1-844-4ITELYA number; you may use the numbers to create a word. Any number that is available on the market today is available to you. Simply click on the Vanity box within the package section below and fill out the top 3 picks and we’ll check them out for you.

It’s simple! Sign up online for a new number or send us a copy of your monthly bill and we’ll set up your toll free number and beat your existing rate. The only change to you is more money in your pocket. If we cannot beat the rate that you currently have we’ll credit you $50 towards any other Itelya service!

Start a live chat with us right now and start your savings!